My first post

Posted by Dillon Reedy on 2016-10-31

Hello Peoples

This has been a long time coming

Did you know that I’ve been working on creating this website for… idk like 2 months? It has lead me through some crazy times. Originally I planned for this site to be an MVC4 application, but then that changed when I realized I didn’t need all the things that were being offered by MVC4. It’s a great web application but this is such a small website, it just wasn’t necessary! :)

Since MVC4 was out, that lead me into Node.js, a rather popular programming language right now (or was?!?! Idk, there’s like one new hot language coming out every freaking month in the web development world.)

Ultimately I just landed upon making a static website, and using Amazon Web Services to deploy it. So here we are today. :)

This has been arduous, and taken up my time for many weekends, so I’m glad it’s finally here. :)